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Sparta Rising

Sparta is one of those F3 Workouts that’s been around for a long time (maybe eight years) that YHC has a tendency to forget about, probably because it hasn’t had self-promoting SiteQs like (well) some OTHER Workouts. For whatever reason I just kind of forgot about it.

For YHC, it’s also a bit on the other side of the NewJerusalem from the farming village of Cotswald. I actually have to drive about five miles to get there. *SideNote: how spoiled are the PAX of F3Metro (including YHC) to have so many Workouts that a five mile drive is a burden?

So maybe it’s the drive or maybe the fact that the Sparta PAX don’t really care if you Post or not, but I just haven’t Posted to Sparta much over the years. Then about six months ago we had a Sparta PAX hit some Adversity, which led the Metro SLT to call a special Workout for him there.

Oddly, I can’t now remember who the guy who was, but I do remember he didn’t even Post that AM for some reason. I also remember that it was in the driving freaking rain and the Q ran our asses off. I remember thinking “damn, this Sparta thing is kind of a BlackDiamond now”.

And then I forgot about it, until the Nation’s MicroPoint badgered me into Posting to Sparta again because he had EH’d Akron out of Wakanda to Post that AM. So (MicroPoint being a Rifty Brother) I Posted. And got smoked again. Sparta is a #BlackDiamond

It also draws a few BatFlippers (e.g., Cindy), which is odd given that the core-PAX are pretty nice guys with a strong mix of Hates and Respects. And even has a few MeatPuppets (looking at you TeaserPony). I think the best Workouts are the ones that have a good mix of age, hard-wiring and body type so YHC has been Posting to Sparta for a few weeks.

Yesterday it hurt me bad enough to take a SmartSack this AM.

So if you are in the NewJerusalem on business (monkey or otherwise) and looking for a BlackDiamond, here’s a #ButchersWord: try Sparta—it will hurt you but not disappoint you.




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