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Being a while since YHC had Posted to P2W in F3Metro

No surprise that I had forgotten how MicroSlice likes to get on the Q’s shoulder and pepper him with unanswerable questions and unsolicited advice in his Port Chester off-brand-John Leguizamo accent:

“Hey Dredd, you think it’s gonna keep raining the whole Workout?”

“Hey Dredd, how you gonna do on the King of Queens this year?”

“Hey Dredd, I still think Governor Cuomo is still doing a good job.”

“Hey Dredd, Dom Deluise never got his due as a comic genius.”

Finally (amazingly) though, Micro asked YHC a question that had a potential answer: “hey Dredd, where we going anyway?”

Even though there was an answer (in that YHC did know where he was leading the fifteen MeatPuppets who had Posted to P2W that morning), I declined to give it because I wanted it to be a surprise so they wouldn't quit.

We were going to Superica

Well, not Superica exactly, but the the seven(ish) story (half-finished) parking deck across the street from Superica that YHC noticed when he was leaving Superica with his M the previous day after post-Church huevos-rancheros.

“That”, I said to myself, “would be the perfect place to take the P2W Jamokes tomorrow. They’ll hate it.”

And they did.

Why? Because, while they may be fast, the Jamokes like it smooth

Rough, uneven ground covered with construction debris is NOT what those tight-wearing SoccerArmed BatFlippers want to see. They just want to pin their ears back and fly up the Mutha so they can mock and drop the Six. Getting strong along the way is not really on their agenda.

When I got those MeatPuppets to the entrance of the Superica-deck, I could sense the quivering confusion amongst them. Micro said, “hey, wait a minute Dredd, I don’t think this thing is done yet. And there’s mud. We’re gonna have to run through mud. Hey, let’s run back toward the Mutha. It’s not too late.”

But YHC ignored all that MicroChatter and went right up the Superica deck. For just a moment, it appeared that Cindy was going to veer off into his personal parallel-play Land of Nod (where he goes when he doesn’t like how the Workout is heading), but I think he knew that would open him up to some solid mockery—so even HE went up that dark ramp into the unknown.

Hate has its limitations

If you have Posted to one, you know that the Metro double-black-diamond (#DBD) Workouts like P2W and Ranger will smoke your lungs and your legs, but they won’t do much for the Strength component of 3S2T. So I made those Jamokes do a lot of Merkins, Knee-ups, Mike Tysons, Flying Squirrels—even (yes) Turkish Get-ups. Most of them (Cindy a little, Boone not at all) tried to do them, but they just lacked the core Strength to get them right.

Some of them probably recognize that to be TruckStopPrepared (#TSP) you have to have Speed, Stamina AND Strength to go with the Toughness-physical and Toughness-mental that you can get at a DBD Workout. Heck, Micro and Checkpoint both had short spates when they actually Posted to the Hotbox for Shorecard. They KNOW they need it, they just don’t want to get it because it hurts.

And hurting is the point.

To be TSP, a HIM has to recognize that he may find himself at a dark truck stop late some night where mayhem is afoot and nary an amigo in sight. Depending on who he is with (M, Shorties or his mother-in-law) and what he is facing, he may be able to flee or he have to fight. If all he can do is run, then that is his only option.

And a man with only one option is never truly free

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Daniel Quaranta
Daniel Quaranta
Feb 24, 2021

I worked at a restaurant in Port Chester... the commute from the Bronx was awful.

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