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BANDIT BACKBLAST: Rise Of The MeatFlippers

The bell rang in F3Metro and 9 PAX gathered in the Gloom for Bandit.

PAX: TML, KGB, Snoop, Festus, InAndOut, FakeNews, Sheep, THE TeaserPony and YHC

Q: Dredd




-minor bitching about Dollies on the rocks

-TeaserPony hid behind a Buick but seemed to be participating

Run to OwlBars

-stopped a couple times on the way for Merkins/Kneeup sets

-FullComp Pull-ups (slow, full hang on down-stroke, chin over bar on up-stroke)

-5 x Inboard

-5 x Outboard

Run to Steps


Repeato OwlBars/Steps Routine

Jacobs Ladder on Freedom Hill

-TML dominated

Run to MegaTool


Partner-reverse Run up MegaTool

Run to OwlBars

-final set of Pull-ups (5 and 5)

Run to Rocks



YHC has been taking Wednesdays off recently to recover from the P2W/ShoreCard combo that brutalizes me on Monday and Tuesday. I wouldn’t have even Posted today but for being volun-told by Sheep that I had the Q. Such is the power of Accountability.

And I really did pick the wrong Wednesday to give up SmartSacking on Wednesdays because the last two days have been (well) rough.

P2W (thanks Holtz) went six (yup, SIX) miles. We basically ran to the BoneSaw, hit it for a triple Repeato and ran back. Coming off the IR, I had only run six miles a couple times and not at BatFlipper pace (which is absurd). My first mile out to the Bone was 7-flat and I got dropped like Chris Harrison. If you’ve ever run six miles at a BootCamp and wondered what the heck happened, you were probably at P2W.

And then there was ShoreCard. At Ice9’s request YHC opened up the Choate Tower (I’ve got the keys for some reason), despite knowing that meant twenty minutes of a MerlotSplashing hell-climb up that dang thing with varying combinations of ruck/bag/bell/block. If you’ve ever carried 160 pounds up six flights of stairs at a Swole and wondered what the heck happened, you were probably at ShoreCard.

Sooooo, when the alarm went off this AM I hopped out of bed . . . and immediately fell down. “Are you OK,” my M asked. “No,” I answered. “Good,” she replied, and fell back asleep.

The first guy I saw at Bandit when I got there was TML, who (of course) had also done the P2W/ShoreCard double-tap and looked no worse for wear, so I knew there was no point in whining. Might as well just get down to business.

I looked around at the PAX who had Posted and realized that we had one pure BatFlipper, one pure MeatPuppet and everybody else was in-between, basically MeatFlippers (credit to Sheep for the name). Well, I thought to myself, if I run these guys like BatFlippers I’m going to crush the MeatPuppet. But if I Swole them like MeatPuppets I’m going to crush the BatFlipper. So I decided to go for something that would challenge the MeatFlippers and let the outliers take care of themselves.

That’s why we “only” ran three miles, did a lot (but not too many) Pull-ups, Merkins, Dips and Mary. Sheep may not have been too challenged by the distance/pace, but hopefully got more Swole than he normally would. Festus had no trouble with the Swole, but got a little Blackwater on the running because he is a pure MeatPuppet. The rest of us were in-between so we had our own individual PainCaves to work through.

I know it worked for me, because everything now hurts evenly as I write this at Poppies.



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Casey Reedy
Casey Reedy
Mar 18, 2021

Not to belabor the point…but yes, I’m going to belabor it…

IMHO a MeatFlipperTM does not merely exist as a default due to the absence of ability or attitude to be a MeatPuppet or a BatFlipper. A true MeatFlipperTM makes the conscious decision to accelerate towards the goals of both the BatFlippers and the MeatPuppets, understanding that both speed and strength is their ultimate goal. Without the MeatFlipperTMmentality, one simply exists in the no man’s land between BatFlippers and MeatPuppets without accelerating towards either. The best MeatFlippersTM can hang with the BatFlippers, but they also don’t sacrifice form or reps to stay out front. If you could only pick one of the metro PAX to dominate at a given workout…

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